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PGA Awards: 'Argo' Wins Big, Plus 'Sugarman,' 'Homeland,' 'Modern Family'; Tributes to Weinsteins, Abrams & Working Title

Thompson on Hollywood By Sophia Savage | Thompson on Hollywood January 27, 2013 at 3:34AM

"Argo" is on a roll. Ben Affleck's movie won again at the Producers Guild Awards, setting the tone for the weeks leading to the Oscars as one of statistical chances. Without also receiving a Best Director Oscar nomination, four other films have won the PGA's top prize ("Driving Miss Daisy," "Apollo 13," "Moulin Rouge," and "Little Miss Sunshine").

Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Django Unchained'

Robert De Niro began the Weinstein tribute, referring to the brothers as "enormous personalities; enormous--well they're pretty enormous--I'm not afraid of them. Harvey said it was ok if I said that."

Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino continued their intro. Tarantino declared: "My filmography and the trajectory of my career would not be the same without them." He said no others were as auteur-focused as the Weinsteins, and that they're making the movies they want to make. Yes, he says, he could go on about the death of Miramax, everyone thinking they're going to die, then winning all the Oscars, etc. "But I'm not going to go there!" That was followed by their impressive highlight reel and a standing ovation.

Bob spoke first, saying "I know that I'd never be here without my brother. And I know that because he told me so five minutes ago." He thanked many, including Rodriguez, with whom he's made twelve films, "and we'll make twelve more as long as Ari Emanuel doesn't get in the way." He touted his brother's taste in cinema, "unmatched by anyone," but says it's still a 60/40 chance they'll fight by the end of the night.

Harvey's speech was longer, from TriBeCa and De Niro, to Nelson Mandela and the movies, to Matt and Ben with "Good Will Hunting" (Affleck may have made "one of the greatest movies of the year," but Matt "did a much better job at pitching" way back when). And "Lincoln," according to Harvey, "is a masterpiece."

Full Winners Below:

Live entertainment and talk shows: The Colbert Report
Competition reality show: The Amazing Race
Episodic TV - Comedy: Modern Family
Animated feature: Wreck-It Ralph
Nonfiction television: American Masters
Long form television: Game Change
Documentary: Searching for Sugarman
TV drama: Homeland
Film: Argo

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