Tim Burton promoed his reworking of an early Disney short "Frankenweenie" (October 5), based on his own experience loving "Frankenstein" and losing his beloved childhood dog, this time in stop motion black and white 3-D. He admitted it was "weird" recreating the Burbank of his youth in East London.

In Peter Hedges' "The Odd Life of Timothy Green," Female Star of the Year Jennifer Garner and "The Great Gatsby" star Joel Edgerton star as a suburban couple who give up on making kids, but get one in their back yard.

DreamWorks goes in a family direction with "Star Trek" writer Alex Kurtzman's heart-tugger "People Like Us" (June 29) starring Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks as a brother and sister who never knew each other until after their father died. Michelle Pfeiffer plays their mother. It's a personal film for Kurtzman. There were no new materials on Steven Spielberg's holiday awards-contender  "Lincoln," starring Daniel Day Lewis, Sally Field, Tommy Lee Jones and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The talk of CinemaCon is who will replace Ross. Most insiders believe that Feige, Lasseter and DreamWorks Stacey Snider will stay put, keeping their powerful Disney labels strong. The person who gets the job, everyone agrees, needs to be experienced and knowledgeable enough to be able to diplomatically manage all these strong personalities while keeping Disney on course. The irony is that this may not be the first time that a studio head departs just as some of the films they nurtured turn into hits.