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Portman & Butler Win Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton Poll for Scorsese's Furious Love

by Sophia Savage
June 27, 2011 5:37 AM
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Portman & Butler Win Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton Poll for Scorsese's Furious Love

It will be no easy task to cast legends Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Last week we invited you to play dreamcast with us, voting for the actors to play Taylor and Burton in Martin Scorsese's adaptation of their tempestuous love affair and chronicled in Furious Love. The results are in, and despite being completely out of the running until June 24, Natalie Portman surged to the top to join Gerard Butler. We initially paired the two together, stating: "If anyone can raise Portman’s temperature, it would be Butler. He’d have to step up and bring some depth to the rugged masculinity he so easily depicts. Portman probably has this in her, but it won’t come naturally." Second and third place winners, our picks and the complete poll results are below:

Thompson on Hollywood

First Place:

Natalie Portman, 30, 5’3’’ (Israeli) | Gerard Butler, 41, 6’2’’ (Scottish)

Second Place:

Rachel Weisz, 41, 5’7’’ (English) | Russell Crowe, 47, 5’11’’ (New Zealand born, Australian-raised)

Third Place:

Catherine Zeta-Jones, 41, 5’6½’’ (Welsh) | Clive Owen, 46, 6’2’’ (English)

Our Pick:

Mia Kirshner, 36, 5’3’’ (Canadian) | James Purefoy, 47, 6’2’’ (English)

These two fit the bill perfectly, if Kirshner can pull off the accent. In The L Word and Rome TV series, respectively, they were both show-stealers. Kirshner was also the best part of Brian De Palma’s otherwise flawed The Black Dahlia. She’s got the delicate/petite/ sensual combination.

We also think Colin Firth is worth a second look. Not happy with the results? Vote!

Thompson on Hollywood
Thompson on Hollywood

[Burton/Taylor photo courtesy Everett Collection/Rex Features]

1 Comment

  • venna | November 15, 2011 4:06 PMReply

    It's better to choose unknown actress to play Taylor. My suggestion is Mia Kirshner or Scottish actress Amy Manson. Natalie Portman looks really different than young Elizabeth Taylor. She won't be suitable to play her at all! For Richard Burton: only Clive Owen fits the bill perfectly & effortlessly. Reese Witherspoon should play Debbie Reynolds.

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