Thompson on Hollywood

The Muppets, an upcoming revamp of the puppet ensemble starring Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Neil Patrick Harris, Rashida Jones, and Mila Kunis, has re-spliced their trailer into a parody of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trailer. Some may find it aggressively adorable, if not a little misguided. Both trailers posted below--see if you can spot the differences!

Meanwhile, in the world of puppet news, footage from Kanye West's puppet show, Alligator Boots, was released online--starring the singer, a crude "Beary White" and Kim Kardashian in a Princess Leia get-up. West and Rhymefests, a former puppet company in Chicago, filmed in the Jim Henson studios, and West says he suggested the puppet show. They created the pilot in 2008 for Comedy Central, who did not pick up the show.