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Tarantino Lines Up Cast for 'The Hateful Eight' LA Live Read April 19: Samuel L. Jackson Is In (UPDATE)

Thompson on Hollywood By Anne Thompson and Ryan Lattanzio | Thompson on Hollywood April 18, 2014 at 2:03PM

On April 19, Film Independent will host a staged reading of Quentin Tarantino's unmade, much-tussled-over script "The Hateful Eight" at the United Artists Theatre at the Ace Hotel. So far Samuel L. Jackson will participate. Who else will come on board? And does this mean that Tarantino may direct the thwarted screenplay after all?
Quentin Tarantino in "Django Unchained"
Quentin Tarantino in "Django Unchained"

On April 19, I'll be showing up for the second time to the refurbished United Artists Theatre at the Ace Hotel, this time at 8 pm for Film Independent's rescheduled live stage reading of Quentin Tarantino's unmade, much-tussled-over script "The Hateful Eight." ("Unforeseen scheduling issues" moved the reading from April 24 to April 19 and from LACMA's Bing Theatre to the downtown movie palace.) Whether or not this means that Tarantino is considering directing the screenplay that leaked on the internet, this is a cinephile's wet dream. Stay tuned for our report.

Tarantino backed out on production in January after the script was leaked online, ultimately reaching a sizable audience via Gawker. In response, Tarantino slapped the digital media company with a lawsuit, effectively -- or so it seemed -- putting the kibosh on any future for "The Hateful Eight." But clearly, given the upcoming Film Independent reading, Tarantino still has this script on his mind. Could it be that this pebble in his shoe just has to get out?

We knew "The Hateful Eight" was going to be a Western. Back in November 2013, Tarantino told Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show" that the film, like his last movie "Django Unchained," is a western, but not a sequel. The "Hateful Eight" script follows a stagecoach after its course is diverted by a blizzard, trapping a motley group of bounty hunters, a Confederate soldier and a female prisoner in a remote saloon.

So far Samuel L. Jackson will participate in the reading, and we can only fantasize about the dazzling array of actors Tarantino has at his disposal: Leonardo DiCaprio? Jamie Foxx? Kerry Washington? John Travolta? Bruce Willis? Uma Thurman? Robert Forster? Pam Grier? Back in January, casting rumors alleged that Tarantino may have penned parts for both Bruce Dern and Christoph Waltz. 

Saturday's downtown LA event will not be recorded or livestreamed. It cost us $154 to make sure we did not miss the party by becoming a Film Independent member and nabbing one hot ticket. The event is sold out. 

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