Transformers: Age of Extinction

Regal Entertainment seems to be taking a leaf out of Willy Wonka's book: for the opening of Michael Bay's new explode-a-palooze "Transformers: Age of Extinction," the theater chain is offering fans the chance to buy what it's calling a 'Super Ticket.'

What's a Super Ticket?  Well, it comes with the perks of a normal movie ticket (i.e., it gets you into the theater), but for $15 more, it also gets its buyer a digital copy of "Extinction" when the film is released for home entertainment as well as a digital download of any of Bay's other three "Transformers" movies.

Obviously, the Super Ticket strategy is aimed at super fans--after all, who else would be interested in buying a digital download of a movie in tandem with the very ticket to see that movie in theaters?  (Well, Regal is actually giving fans the option of upgrading to a Super Ticket even after they see the fourth installment of the "Transformers" franchise--the digital download offer will be available through July 10.)

But there's something rather clever going on here.  Consumers are forgetful creatures, and it's much easier to impulse buy a film for your home library in the moment rather than remembering months later when it is released.  For Regal (and Paramount), convincing a moviegoer to buy a super ticket means locking in that extra profit up front.  That sounds like a strategy that other studios might emulate going forward.