Evan Glodell, Sophia Savage, Tyler Dawson
Evan Glodell, Sophia Savage, Tyler Dawson

Cruising Los Angeles in the Medusa with Bellflower stars Evan Glodell and Tyler Dawson, I learned: that the car was the prima donna on set, gas money came from P-Diddy, Doing Donuts (the "longest uninterrupted donut" in the car's history) in a Staples parking lot makes me nauseous, and the Medusa is more effective at intimidating folks and impressing young boys than picking up cute girls.

For a glimpse of one helluva of a ride in the Medusa, complete with flames, donuts, chartitable deeds in Venice Beach, a shotgun and lots more, watch below. For a more traditional interview about Sundance and SXSW micro-budget hit Bellflower (now in select theaters and primed for a wider release) and its breakout writer-director-star Glodell, go here, here or here.

Part 1:

Part 2: skip to 2:35 mark for the donuts.

Bonus - The Medusa flaunts its flames at Comic-Con: