Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn
Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

3pm:  “Twilight and New Moon”: screening of 20 scenes from the first and second installment of the saga, followed by a public game show with questions about its characters, anecdotes about the actors, and the distribution of free T-shirts and signed posters.

4pm: “Eclipse”: screening of the top ten scenes from the third episode, followed by a reading of excerpts from the original text by several Italian actors, with another possibility for the audience to win books and signed posters.

5pm: “Breaking Dawn - Part I”: screening of the top ten scenes from the fourth episode.

5:30pm: Live dubbing event: Alessandro Rossi (director for the saga’s dubbing into Italian), Pino Insegno and the official Italian voices of Bella, Edward and Jacob will restage scenes from “Breaking Dawn - Part I” and will involve the audience in the synchronization of scenes from the new saga  “Beautiful Creatures”, launched this year at Alice nella città. Fans have another chance to receive gift DVDs, T-shirts and posters.

6pm: The saga just about to end will pass the torch to the beginning saga: After the screening of the trailer of “Breaking Dawn - Part II”, Alice invites everybody interested to an encounter with writers Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl for the launch of Richard Lagravenese’s film  “Beautiful Creatures”, based on the first three books in Garcia and Stohl’s series (“Beautiful Creatures”, “Beautiful Darkness” and “Beautiful Chaos”. The discussion will be moderated by Piera Detassis and Antonio Monda.

The film’s protagonists are Ethan, a boy living in a small town in South Carolina and Lena, the girl of his dreams, who is afflicted by a terrible curse. This presentation will come to Italy following an enormous success at Comic Con New York, the biggest comic and fantasy convention in the US. The reading will include passages taken from the trilogy and a sneak preview of some scenes from the film.

11pm: The day will wind down with another game show centered on the music of the Twilight saga. Following the quiz, the new day will dawn with a “Twilight Marathon” screening the first four parts of the series, “Breaking Dawn - Part 1", “Eclipse”, “New Moon” e “Twilight”. Tickets for the marathon are EUR 5.