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Salt Early Reviews: Jolie Meets Bond

Photo of Anne Thompson By Anne Thompson | Thompson on Hollywood July 17, 2010 at 2:24AM

Here's the first review of Salt from THR:
Thompson on Hollywood

Here's the first review of Salt from THR:

Bottom Line: A spy thriller more than worth its salt.

She never quite says: "The name is Salt. Evelyn Salt." But Angelina Jolie, for all intents and purposes, is James Bond in her new film "Salt," and it's really no surprise that Jolie, the only female action star in Hollywood, more than measures up to Daniel Craig.

And here's Todd McCarthy's review:

They’ve figured out a pretty clever way to make Russian commies the bad guys in a contemporary thriller in “Salt,” with the long arm of red ruthlessness reaching from the grave to hammer Washington, D.C. where it hurts. Although the relentlessly paced spy vs spy story glosses over how a lone woman, no matter how lethal a weapon, can repeatedly take out a dozen or more armed men, the set pieces are exciting and Angelina Jolie is shown off at her action-figure best.

And Variety:

Not every movie can survive protagonist gender reassignment, but credit the makers of "Salt" for shrewdly retooling this onetime Tom Cruise starrer as a vehicle for Angelina Jolie. As a fierce superspy and mistress of many disguises, Jolie reps the one indisputably kickass element in this brisk, professionally assembled but finally shrug-inducing thriller, which sees director Phillip Noyce applying his action chops to a predictable slice of warmed-over Cold War paranoia (recent headlines notwithstanding). One of the more anticipated entries of a blah summer, Sony release looks to extend Jolie's streak as one of the few consistently bankable action stars, male or female, working today.

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