Samuel Goldwyn
Samuel Goldwyn

The Samuel Goldwyn Foundation has unveiled the five finalists and judges for the Samuel Goldwyn Writing Awards, a student screenplay, stage play and teleplay competition now in its 57th year.

The finalists (below) were selected from a pool of more than 250 submissions from eight University of California campuses. The top three prizes (which award $15K, $7.5K and $4K, respectively) and the two ranked honorable mentions (receiving $2K and $1K) will be announced at an awards ceremony on October 8 at UCLA.

The writing awards were started in 1955 by Samuel Goldwyn Sr. (née Goldfish), who was key in creating both Paramount and MGM studios, though left both mergers early on to rough it as an independent producer for his own Samuel Goldwyn Productions. Previous recipients of the Writing Awards are Francis Ford Coppola, Allison Anders and Eric Roth.

Kathleen Coggshall       UCSF                          Seventeen

George Larkin               UC Berkeley                 Bastard Son of William Shakespeare

Marissa Matteo             UCLA                          Lions and Men

Alaric Smeets               UCLA                          Life on Mars

Stephen Wolf               UCLA                          Emperor Watson

This year's competition judges are two-time Emmy nominee Debra Martin Chase, producer and 2011 Oscar nominee Mike Medavoy and LA Times film critic Betsy Sharkey.