Thompson on Hollywood

Sarah Polley's sophomore feature, Take This Waltz, has gone to Magnolia Pictures for U.S. distribution, planned for Summer 2012. Starring Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen, the film received mostly strong reviews at its Toronto premiere, as did Polley's 2006 Away from Her. Here is Meredith Brody's review from TIFF:

It’s the largest onstage crowd I've yet seen, at the Roy Thomson Hall gala of Sarah Polley’s Take This Waltz, where the not-yet-visibly-pregnant Polley introduces more than 16 of her fellow filmmakers, including a majestically pregnant Jennifer Podemsk, and comedians Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman in rare dramatic roles. Take This Waltz is a brightly-colored, slightly twee, rather too equable story of adultery and broken marriage (lightened up with some alcoholism and cheery glimpses of three-way sex). Polley is generous with her actors, and they with her, willing to stand around naked fairly unself-consciously and, in Rogen’s case, improvise at length for a breakup scene that’s ultimately unresolved. (I shudder a little at a private couples’ joke between Rogen and wife Michelle Williams that consists of lovingly telling the other how they want to gruesomely torture them. Sweet! You don’t have to be Dr. Freud of Vienna…)