'Zero Dark Thirty'
'Zero Dark Thirty'

Sony's "Zero Dark Thirty" was down slightly from its very strong Wednesday opening with a 5-theater total of $115,000 - but only because it had fewer seats and screens than initially (the top-grossing theater for its first two days, the Arclight Hollywood, went down to a single screen after being able to show it on three initially, with new film openings necessitating this).

Lionsgate's "The Impossible" made only a small initial impact with just under $38,000 in 15 theaters across several cities, although with good reaction the survival drama could easily rebound next week.

Among ongoing adult-appeal wide releases, "Lincoln" continues the best of the bunch, with "Skyfall" and "Life of Pi" still hanging on. All three face competition for screens with the two remaining major films to be released - "Les Miserables" and "Django Unchained" - on Tuesday. Those two openers, both with strong potential, will likely determine, more than this week's new openers, whether this is a reasonably successful Christmas.

Top 10 on Friday (in millions)

1. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Warner Brothers) - $10.2

2. Jack Reacher (Paramount) - $5.1

3. This Is 40 (Universal) - $3.7

4. Rise of the Guardians (Paramount) - $1.6

5. The Guilt Trip (Paramount) - $1.5

6. Lincoln (Buena Vista) - $1.4

7. Monsters, Inc. 3D  (Buena Vista) - $1.4

8. Skyfall (Sony) - $1.3

9. Life of Pi (20th Century-Fox) - $1.0

10. Cirque dul Soleil: Worlds Away (Paramount) - $.8