Detail from Saul Bass' poster for "The Shining"
Detail from Saul Bass' poster for "The Shining"

Check out these haunting, fine-point Saul Bass sketches for Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining." Reportedly Bass showed Kubrick 300 different versions before the director settled on the original poster design (above).

The originals of these designs are on view at LACMA's Stanley Kubrick exhibition. A particular treat is getting to see consummate perfectionist Kubrick's critical notes on the sketches, which contain the occasional spelling error; for the drawing with the hand and bicycle, Kubrick notes that these icons are "irrellevant" to the film.

The last image is a note from Bass to Kubrick, asking for feedback about five new poster designs; Bass' signature is in the shape of a bass fish!

Shining Saul Bass poster original
Shining Saul Bass poster design 1