Scorsese Talks Sinatra Biopic Possibilities: HBO Miniseries vs. Movie? 'Now's The Time to Execute It On The Page'

by Sophia Savage
April 9, 2012 1:41 PM
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After his positive experience with HBO on "Boardwalk Empire" and the prestigious Oscar-winning money-loser "Hugo," Martin Scorsese is reconsidering the way to proceed with his Frank Sinatra biopic. Now what was once a "pretty far off twinkle in his eye" is on the front burner, he told Entertainment Tonight. He's currently talking to writers. Scorsese said that while he'd "love to tell the whole story" of Sinatra's life, "the idea of art is to figure out where to start because we can't tell his whole life story." But clearly he's still considering doing just that. "It would be 15 hours -- then you've got something like a miniseries, along the lines of 'Boardwalk Empire.'"

Even with finding the right starting point, 15 hours could easily be filled with parts or chunks of Sinatra's life. Scorsese says he loves the idea of a Sinatra miniseries, especially at HBO; "as long as you stay reasonably on budget, you have freedom which is very difficult to find in the cinematic marketplace."

As for who will play Sinatra, Scorsese agrees that Leonardo DiCaprio (with whom he is making "The Wolf of Wall Street" later this summer - the fifth pairing of the director and actor) could do it, and has "always talked about doing it." But, Scorsese adds: "We could go for an unknown. Maybe the person who plays him isn't important." It will be Sinatra's voice either way.

A Sinatra biopic would always be "filled with problems," Scorsese admitted. "And whatever you do, there's always going to be people who don't like it, so you have to find something special. And I think I've found it. Now's the time to execute it on the page."

Here's more on why we're thankful for Scorsese.

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  • Dino | May 5, 2012 3:10 AMReply

    Someone tell Mr. Scorsese, he should use an unknown. There's a guy out there named, Patrizio Buanne. He's a singer. Kind of an Italian Michael Bubble. He's a dead ringer an can sing.

  • Alisa | April 16, 2012 3:09 PMReply

    Is he kidding?? Don't they see that there is not enough makeup for Leo to transform to Sinatra?! No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Please stay away from celebrity actors. Find a gem from unknowns. DiCaprio is so wrong for the role. You can't just paint a smile on anybody's face they way Frank smiled....They have to find someone really special. Yes, Leo is special, but not for this.

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