SIFF 2012 Competition Awards
SIFF 2012 Best New Director
Grand Jury Prize
Nicolas Provost, THE INVADER (Belgium, 2011)

SIFF 2012 Best Documentary
Grand Jury Prize
FIVE STAR EXISTENCE, directed by Sonja Lindén (Finland, 2011)

SIFF 2012 FIPRESCI Prize for Best New American Film

WELCOME TO PINE HILL, directed by Keith Miller (USA, 2012)

SIFF 2012 Golden Space Needle Audience Awards
Best Film Golden Space Needle Award
ANY DAY NOW, directed by Travis Fine (USA, 2012)
First runner-up: EDEN, directed by Megan Griffiths (USA, 2012)
Second runner-up: STARBUCK, directed by Ken Scott (Canada (Québec), 2011)
Third runner-up: SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED, directed by Colin Trevorrow (USA, 2012)
Fourth runner-up: THE CHEF, directed by Daniel Cohen (France, 2012)
Best Documentary Golden Space Needle Award
THE INVISIBLE WAR, directed by Kirby Dick (USA, 2012)

First runner-up: THE OTHER DREAM TEAM, directed by Marius Markevicius (Lithuania, 2012)
Second runner-up: CHASING ICE, directed by Jeff Orlowski (USA, 2012)
Third runner-up: ETHEL, directed by Rory Kennedy (USA, 2012)
Fourth runner-up: THE LONG RIDE HOME, directed by Thomas Wright (USA, 2012)

Best Director Golden Space Needle Award
First runner-up: Wes Anderson, MOONRISE KINGDOM (USA, 2012)
Second runner-up: Megan Griffiths, EDEN (USA, 2012)
Third runner-up: Rasit Çelikezer, ÇAN (Turkey, 2011)
Fourth runner-up: Mohammad Rasoulof, GOODBYE (Iran, 2011)
Best Actor Golden Space Needle Award
Alan Cumming, ANY DAY NOW (USA, 2012)

First runner-up: Matt O’Leary, EDEN (USA, 2012)
Second runner-up: Omar Sy, THE INTOUCHABLES (France, 2011)
Third runner-up: Berkan Demirbag, ÇAN (Turkey, 2011)
Fourth runner-up: Mark Duplass, SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED (USA, 2012)
Best Actress Golden Space Needle Award
Jamie Chung, EDEN (USA, 2012)
First runner-up: Olympia Dukakis, CLOUDBURST (Canada, 2011)
Second runner-up: Quvenzhané Wallis, BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD (USA, 2012)
Third runner-up: Gaite Jansen, 170HZ (Netherlands, 2011)
Fourth runner-up: Selen Uçer, CAN (Turkey, 2011)

Best Short Film Golden Space Needle Award
CATCAM, directed by Seth Keal (USA, 2012)
First runner-up: ASAD, directed by Bryan Buckley (South Africa/ USA, 2011)
Second runner-up: FRESH GUACAMOLE, directed by Pes (USA, 2012)
Third runner-up: HELLO CALLER, directed by Andrew Putschoegl (USA, 2011)
Fourth runner-up: COFFEE and PIE, directed by Douglas Horn (USA, 2011)
Lena Sharpe Award for Persistence of Vision, Presented by Women in Film/Seattle - This award is presented to the female director whose feature film receives the highest number of audience ballots.
EDEN, directed by Megan Griffiths (USA, 2012)
Reel NW Award presented by KCTS 9
New to SIFF this year, the Reel NW Award is presented to a feature-length film in the SIFF Northwest Connections lineup that projects: excellence in storytelling, writing, character development and story structure; production values that enhance the story being told; and a creative spirit emblematic of independent filmmaking. The winning film received a $2,500 cash from KCTS 9 and an offer to broadcast on KCTS 9's Reel NW series, contingent on meeting broadcast requirements.
Reel NW Award
EDEN, directed by Megan Griffiths (USA, 2012)

SIFF 2012 FutureWave and Youth Jury Awards
Youth Jury Award for Best FutureWave Feature
SIN BIN, directed by Billy Federighi (USA, 2012)
Youth Jury Award for Best Films4Families Feature
THE GREAT BEAR, directed by Esben Toft Jacobsen (Denmark, 2011)
WaveMaker Award for Excellence in Youth Filmmaking (Grand Jury Prize)
BEFORE THE MUSIC ENDS, directed by Ashley Armitage and Gina Mattassa (USA, 2012)
WaveMaker Special Jury Prize
THIS IS MY LIFE, BROTHER, directed by Jawara Drigo (USA, 2011)
FutureWave Shorts Audience Award
143, directed by Mariana Emmanuelli (Puerto Rico, 2011)
Mariana Emmanuelli also received a full scholarship to TheFilmSchool's Prodigy Camp, a weeklong, immersive, overnight film camp for youth aged 12-18 held in late June.
SIFF 2012 Short Film Jury Awards
Grand Jury Prize for Best Narrative Short
THE EXTRAORDINARY LIFE OF ROCKY, directed by Kevin Meul (Belgium, 2011)

Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary Short
PARADISE, directed by Nadav Kurtz (USA, 2012)

Grand Jury Prize for Best Animated Short
ZERGUT, directed by Natasha Subramaniam and Alisa Lapidus (USA, 2011)