Cover detail from Entertainment Weekly's February 15, 2013 issue
Cover detail from Entertainment Weekly's February 15, 2013 issue

Love him or hate him, "Family Guy" and "Ted" creator Seth MacFarlane will be the host for the 2013 Oscar telecast. Entertainment Weekly (new issue on newsstands February 15) sits down with MacFarlane to talk about prepping for the big night, his issues with Beyonce's Super Bowl "workout on stage," his rumored romance with "Game of Thrones" actress Emilia Clarke and more.

On time-consuming Oscar preparation, and living in the Fey and Poehler shadow:

“It’s the time commitment I just don’t think I could do again. It will have been almost six months that I’ve been working on this. [Laughs] And I’m still going to get savaged in the press, so… Tina [Fey] and Amy [Poehler] will do it next year and they’ll get rave reviews.”

On Beyonce's performance at the Super Bowl:

"I like that Sinatra and Dean and Crosby and those guys used to just get up and sing without having to go through a workout on stage. That’s one of the things that struck me about the Super Bowl. During that halftime show I was like, “Wow, [Beyoncé’s] not even really singing. She’s just exercising and barking orders at the crowd.” Just sing the song, for Christ’s sake!”

On dating, and his rumored romance with "Game of Thrones" actress Emilia Clarke:

“I will say, she is an incredibly kind, supremely talented person and one of the hardest-working people I have ever met. It’s a pain in the ass because if you date, at a certain point you’re in a relationship and at a certain point you’re playing the field. It becomes this thing of trying to find places where you can have some privacy, where you’re not going to be accosted by people and suddenly linked to someone as if you’re in a serious relationship. It can particularly f--- with people, if you’re dating somebody who is not in the industry, who isn’t accustomed to being chased by paparazzi. If it’s somebody of quality, they don’t like it. I’ve had that happen where they’re like, ‘I don’t really like this.’ And to me there’s no better mark of somebody you actually want to be with than somebody who has that reaction.”