Fault in Our Stars

“The Fault in Our Stars” (June 6) could very well be the new model for a YA bestseller turned movie. 

Target demo movie star Shailene Woodley--who has really skyrocketed from “The Descendants,” “The Spectacular Now” to “Divergent”--headlines the film about cancer-battling teens crazy in love, while after four novels author John Green is an online social media superstar. 

I discovered more about him at the recent LA Times Festival of Books, where he won an LA Times Book Award and rocked his Q&A. Check out his website. He's a new media master. That’s part of what leads a studio like Fox 2000 to produce and release the movie and an eyeball-seeking magazine like EW to tap into its "Twilight/Hunger Games" demo for a cover story.

Fault In Our Stars EW