"Vertigo" received 191 votes to Kane’s 157 – a clear victory. Hitchcock’s film was a felicitous choice for the BFI (British Film Institute), which publishes the magazine: Hitchcock has been the subject of a huge retrospective at the BFI’s London theatres this summer.

But if this marks a changing of the guard, it’s a somewhat gradual one. The poll’s voting population may be younger and more wide-ranging, but the most recent film in the Top 10 is Kubrick’s "2001" – now 44 years old. Three of the top 10 films were from the silent era. As James noted, the highest-ranking film from this century was Wong Kar-Wai’s "In the Mood for Love," which tied for 24th place.

A separate poll of some 350 directors placed "Tokyo Story" top, followed by "2001" and "Citizen Kane."

The top 10 films in the main poll will be screened in a special month-long season at BFI Southbank, starting September 3.

The poll results coincide with a revamp of "Sight & Sound," which is celebrating 80 years as a film magazine. (It was formerly known as the Monthly Film Bulletin.) It will have 32 extra pages, a digital edition of the magazine is in process, and a digital archive of the magazine’s every issue has been compiled.

There had been fears that "Sight & Sound"’s editorial stance might be compromised by its publisher the British Film Institute’s broader powers, granted them by the UK government last year. But all signs point to S&S maintaining its reputation for spiky independence and incisive film criticism.