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'Skyfall' is Biggest Film in UK History, Eclipsing 'Avatar'

Photo of Anne Thompson By Anne Thompson | Thompson on Hollywood December 5, 2012 at 1:08PM

"Skyfall" is now the UK's biggest film in history, eclipsing "Avatar"'s £94 million with £94.27 million in 40 days (particularly staggering given James Cameron's sci-fi blockbuster got to that haul after 11 months, and with increased 3-D ticket prices).

Mexico bowed with $3.2 million, which was 40% bigger than the opening of "Quantum" and 151% bigger than "Casino Royale."

In Asia, India launched with $5.1 million, their second-biggest opener of the year after "The Amazing Spider-Man," beating third-ranked "The Avengers" by 20% and fourth-place "The Dark Knight" by 41%. "Skyfall" was 60% bigger than "Quantum," 82% more than "Casino."

Unusually, in Indonesia "Skyfall" opened on Thursday and grossed $2.5 million, outgrossing the Wednesday openings of "Quantum" by 93% and "Casino" by almost four times.  It was their number three opening of the year, behind "The Amazing Spider-Man" and "The Avengers," which was also the case in Malasia, which also bowed with $2.5 million, which was 45% bigger than the "Quantum" opening frame, and 160% more than "Casino."

Taiwan also launched with $2.5 million, the second-biggest opening of the year behind "The Avengers," 69% bigger than "Quantum" and more than five times the opening of "Casino."

Singapore opened to $2.3 million, the fourth best opening of 2012 behind "The Avengers," "Spider-Man," and "The Dark Knight."  This opening beat "Quantum" by 77% and "Casino" by 117%. 

The Phillippines launched with $1.9 million, 44% bigger than the opening of "Quantum," three times the opening of "Casino." 

Hong Kong also opened to $1.9 million with an 80% market share, besting the opening of "Quantum" by 59%, "Casino" by three times. 

Thailand launched with $1.8 million and an 83% market share, 13% bigger than the opening of "Quantum," 34% bigger than "Casino.'

More than twenty smaller markets all opened well, bigger than any of the previous James Bond films, and holdovers in the UK, France, Russia, Brazil, Belgium, Korea and Scandinavia were terrific.

IMAX issued an estimated weekend gross of $4.3 million in 132 locations over 36 territories, more than $33,000 per screen.

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