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While Google+ hopes to replace Facebook as a social media site that allows you to compartmentalize your image, high-ups at Facebook have been signing up in droves for Google's new platform. See the complete list of Facebook employees using Google Plus at All Facebook, including founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, vice president Christopher Cox and vice president of human resources, Lori Goler. So far, Google+ has accumulated 10 million users in just two weeks, good progress but nowhere close to Facebook's 750 million. Perhaps Facebook's principals are conducting some competitive research at Google+ or maybe this is a friendly gesture to say that all social media can coexist together?

Speaking of coexisting social media, Media Bistro reports that Facebook still has the most active social media users, despite Twitter's real-time emphasis. A Pew study examining social media sites found that 20% of Twitter users log in several times a day, which is still far below the 31% of Facebook users who log in several times a day. Both are far ahead of the 3% of users that check their MySpace and LinkedIn frequently. The study also noted that Twitter users were more highly educated than Facebook users (though both fell behind the career-oriented LinkedIn).