Lincoln, Lewis

As they did on "War Horse," DreamWorks/Disney marketing is taking their director and star straight to the web. Following special screenings of "Lincoln" on October 10 in AMC Theaters in nine American cities, Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day-Lewis will participate in an interactive Q&A session via satellite where audience members can text questions to the discussion's moderator.

The nine cities with AMC theaters included in the early screenings and Q&A are Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Boston, Washington DC, Seattle, Miami, Atlanta and Houston.

This cuts back on the endless press rounds the director and star would have to do with this presumed awards contender, instead taking the discussion straight to the audience. The director was even open to discuss the trailer for "Lincoln" with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, following its Times Square premiere.

"Lincoln" will close AFI Fest on November 8, the day before it opens.