Thompson on Hollywood

Spielberg is all around these days, from summer hit Super 8, which J.J. Abrams sold on his name, to holiday tentpoles The Adventures of Tintin and Oscar frontrunenr War Horse. But there are two Spielbergs, posits Vulture, which lays out the Four Ways Steven Spielberg TV Shows Feel Like Bad Spielberg Knockoffs.

While his film work "usually transcends the vaguely sanitized, family friendly clichés many associate with his brand," writes Vulture, his TV shows (i.e. Seaquest DSV, Falling Skies, Terra Nova) "feel like you're watching the result of an executive yelling at some TV journeyman, 'Gimme something that feels like Spielberg!'" The executive in that case would be--of course--Spielberg.

Shower yourself with some Spielberg love below.

Check out these four go-to Spielberg themes (Keeping the Family Together; The Search for the Lost Child; Science vs. Authority; Kids on Their Own) and how different they are on the big vs. small screen.