'The Croods'
'The Croods'
5. The Croods (20th Century Fox) Week 9 - Last weekend: #7

$2,750,000 (-28%) in 2,373 theaters (-277); PSA: $1,159; Cumulative: $176,750,000

It's good to be a well-received family film late in the run with no competition. DreamWorks' animated film fell about a quarter, good enough in a week with weak holdovers other than the top three films to jump two positions.

What comes next: Fox's Epic next weekend will take most of the business away, but this has already been a significant success.

6. 42 (Warner Bros.) Week 6 - Last weekend: #5

$2,730,000 (-40%) in 2,380 theaters (-550); PSA: $1,147; Cumulative: $88,735,000

Hanging around at a higher level than this number would suggest deep into its run.

What comes next: With Warner's opening up "Hangover III" on top of "Gatsby" this weekend, this will be vulnerable to heavy theater loss.

7. Oblivion (Universal) Week 5 - Last weekend: #6

$2,200,000 (-46%) in 2,077 theaters (-693); PSA: $1,059; Cumulative: $85,500,000

This has passed Cruise's "Jack Reacher" in total gross, but this figure, along with its international total around $250 million so far, is below what is needed for this expensive ($120 million) production.

What comes next: Cruise can still open an action picture. The problem is the expense of these films. Still, the next "Mission: Impossible" will likely be big.

8. Mud (Roadside Attractions) Week 4 - Last weekend: #8

$2,160,000 (-15%) in 960 theaters (+108); PSA: $2,250; Cumulative: $11,588,000

Intrepid Roadside keeps adding to their theater count and adding gross steadily, albeit at a modest per theater level, to keep this counter-programmed adult drama in play for another week, with more to come.

What comes next: This now looks to exceed earlier projections of its total gross, with $15 million now looking possible.

9. Peeples (Lionsgate) Week 2 - Last weekend: #4

$2,150,00 (-53%) in 2,041 theaters (unchanged); PSA: $1,053; Cumulative: $7,858,000

Catastrophic performance for this Tyler Perry-produced film, whose total gross may fall below the weakest wide first weekend of any of his films.

What comes next: This won't encourage Perry to make films in which he doesn't appear.

10. The Big Wedding (Lionsgate) Week 4 - Last weekend: #9

$1,100,000 (-56%) in 1,443 theaters (-855); PSA: $762; Cumulative: $20,198,000

In the top ten solely because of only one new film this week.

What comes next: There won't be a call for "The Big Divorce."