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Star Trek Will Open Huge: $100 Million?

by Anne Thompson
May 7, 2009 5:52 AM
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Star Trek will open huge, and some prognosticators are heralding the year's first $100 million weekend. That's not what the advance tracking shows, which is trending toward older males, or what Paramount wants anyone to believe. But word travels fast. And I will bet that the movie will outpace expectations. Even if the "brand"--everyone's favorite word these days--is damaged. Admittedly, my own daughter-of-a-Trekkie, Nora, 19, is not the slightest bit interested in plunking down her ten bucks.

Undeniably entertaining as it is, Star Trek needs big numbers all over the world to make back its hefty production and marketing costs.

Early raves suggest that the film could disappoint hardcore Trekkies, reports The Onion:

Running against the pack, NY Press's Armond White has posted a critical pan entitled "Where Young Boys Have Gone Before." And Philadelphia critic Carrie Rickey talks to the original Lieutenant Uhura, Nichelle Nichols.

As of noon E.T. Wednesday, reported that Star Trek accounted for 83 percent of their ticket sales, and had sold out 387 performances. Here's their pre-release poll:

According to female ticket buyers polled at Apr. 21 to May 3:

· 52 percent are aware of the film “Star Trek”

· 63 percent of those aware of the film intend to see “Star Trek” opening weekend.

These are the highest pre-release polling numbers at in 2009 amongst female ticket buyers polled the week before a film’s release.

“Star Trek” is tracking well across all age groups at, save 60-plus. According to the same Apr. 21 – May 3 poll at, over 70 percent of three different age groups aware of “Star Trek” say they intend to see the film opening weekend. Here’s a breakdown:

· 58 percent of Under-25s

· 70 percent of 25-34s

· 76 percent of 35-44s

· 78 percent of 45-59s

· 11 percent of 60-plus


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