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Stone Talks Wall Street Dysfunction and South of the Border Tour

by Anne Thompson
May 16, 2010 10:40 AM
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Thompson on Hollywood

Fox conducted Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps interviews at the Hotel du Cap cabanas by the Mediterranean on a grey day with drizzle in the air. I have always enjoyed talking to Oliver Stone. An unashamed liberal, he's a well-informed, gifted visual storyteller who, like Clint Eastwood, keeps hungrily filling his head with knowledge and churning out movies. Saturday Stone sat with a group of international press and expounded on his fave obsession, the dysfunctional world financial system--and he also excoriates the International Monetary Fund.

Thompson on Hollywood

The movie has been pushed back to September and should play well on the fall fest circuit, but I don't see this commercial entertainment (enhanced as it is by Stone's political edge) as a slam-dunk best picture contender. Given a list of ten, however, if it's a hit and earns rave reviews, it could earn noms for best picture and Carey Mulligan and Frank Langella for supporting. (Here's my Wall Street 2 review.)

Stone is one of a group of intellectually curious directors who alternate big-studio fare, low-budget indies and docs. He also talks (Part 6) about his South American tour with doc South of the Border, which he premieres this June in seven South American capitals, attended (he hopes) by each of the presidents he interviewed, including Venezuela's Hugo Chavez. Still to come, his third interview with Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. At the Havana Film Festival in 1987, I got to know Stone and witnessed his introduction to Castro, who was still a tall, powerful charismatic figure then. Now physically diminished, he's still sharp, Stone said. The director is also working on a ten-part Secret History of America for Showtime.

The six-part interview is below, along with a clip of the press conference:

Stone Part 1:

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Stone Part 2:

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Stone Part 3:

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Stone Part 4:

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Stone Part 5:

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Stone Part 6:

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Press Conference (courtesy of Hollywood Elsewhere):


  • tiger tim | July 7, 2010 12:26 PMReply

    Son of Wall Street and former Yalie Oliver Stone
    seems to have endless time and money for worthless recycling
    like this


    as MILLIONS continue tto suffer and die ignored
    GENUINE veteran Oliver Stone managed ---along
    with the rest of RED China suck-up media,
    to once again 'mysteriously overlook' the staggeringly
    important, vital and relevant 60th Anniversary of
    the KOREAN WAR ---this year.


  • Edward Copeland | May 16, 2010 4:50 AMReply

    I'm trying to think. Has a sequel ever been nominated for best picture when the original wasn't?

  • ProgGrrl | May 16, 2010 2:14 AMReply

    Oops, I meant to type Greenspan. The melancholic Greenspan. Going to get more coffee now.

  • ProgGrrl | May 16, 2010 2:12 AMReply

    As always your raw interviews from festivals are in-depth and plentiful. It was a great day for we cinephiles when you discovered the Flip Cam...

    My favorite tidbit in this one is Stone talking about how the most important financial regulators in the USA were ignored at the WH Correspondent Dinner. And his moment of pause for the "meloncholic" Geithner... I could listen to him speak for hours.

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