18 Days in Egypt
'18 Days in Egypt' participated in the 2011 New Frontier Story Lab

Sundance's New Frontier Story Lab has selected six projects to workshop at the Sundance Resort October 21-26. The lab, inspired by the Sundance Film Festival and structured after the Institutute's Lab model, aims to support "projects that use technology to deepen story and engage audiences."

The New Frontier Story Lab, in its second year, is also overseen by Michelle Satter, founding director of the Institute's feature film program. She states:

"Supporting projects that are immersive, interactive and tell stories across multiple platforms is one of the ways that we are providing new opportunities for audiences. The guidance of our Creative Advisors is particularly critical, as it brings together experts from diverse disciplines, all of whom share a unique understanding of the importance of story in art, film, gaming and new media.”

Sundance founder Robert Redford adds:

“The lines between previously distinct forms of personal expression are blurring at an ever-accelerating pace with the hybrid of art and technology, and as artists drive this evolution, we continue to look for new ways to support and advance their work."

The Creative Advisors are listed below, along with the six projects: