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Sundance Institute has unveiled the 20 fellows, and their eight documentary film projects, who will participate in this Summer's 2014 Documentary Edit and Story Labs. The labs run June 20-28, and July 4-12, at Sundance Resort in Utah.

Based on Sundance's immersive Lab model launched by Robert Redford in 1981, each session of Documentary Edit and Story unites directors and editors with world-class doc filmmakers. Creative advisors in June include editors Jonathan Oppenheim ("The Oath") and Mary Lampson ("Harlan County USA"), and directors Jesse Moss (this year's breakout "The Overnighters") and Jon Else ("Sing Faster!").

In July, editors Kate Amen ("The Case Against 8") and Joe Bini ("We Need to Talk About Kevin"), and directors Ross McElwee ("Photographic Memory") and Rob Epstein ("Howl") are among those onboard as creative advisors.

Artists and projects selected for the June 20-28 Documentary Edit and Story Lab:

"A Flickering Truth"
Director: Pietra Brettkelly 
Editor: Jacob Schulsinger

"A Flickering Truth" unwraps the world of three dreamers living amongst the dust of Afghanistan's 100 years of war as they struggle to protect and restore 8,000 hours of fragile film.  What truths will emerge from the cloak of time?

Co-Directors: Robb Moss & Peter Galison
Editor: Chyld King

How can humankind dispose of and live with nuclear waste, a material that remains dangerous for a period as far into the future as we are from the Ice Age?

"Like Ants for Sugar"
Co-Directors: Shirley Abraham and Amit Madheshiya
Editor: Menno Boerema

For nearly seven decades, the wonder of the movies visits rural India atop cinema lorries. Accompanying the showmen of touring cinemas on their magical journeys, "Like Ants for Sugar" witnesses their struggle to keep their cinemas running. 2014 brings a watershed moment in the survival of this beloved tradition.

Co-Directors: Lyric Cabral & David Felix Sutcliffe
Editor: Laura Minnear
"(T)ERROR" is the inside story of ******, an active counterterrorism informant for the FBI. Filmed on the ground, it captures the dramatic unraveling of the informant's 20-year career with the Bureau after the target of his investigation realizes that he’s been set up.

Artists and projects selected for the July 4-12 Documentary Edit and Story Lab: