Sundance 2012: New Frontier to Explore Future Normal, Redford Says Next Gen of Artistic Expression

The Sundance Institute has revealed the artists and projects to be featured at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival's 6th edition of New Frontier, housed at Park City's The Yard and Salt Lake Art Center and free to the public until May 19. New Frontier is a space created to enrich and expand the festival's offerings, with works and panels which explore, according to the Institute, "the convergence of art, technology and storytelling."

For Sundance president Robert Redford, New Frontier "represents the next generation of artistic expression,” he says, adding that he is "fascinated by its ability to both keep pace with and drive innovations in technology. Our hope is that its exploration of the critical issues of our time inspires people to consider what storytelling might look and feel like decades from now, and that they continue that line of thinking well beyond their time at the Festival.”

The installations and performances of the 2012 New Frontier program, which will explore the connect of "Future Normal"--including works by Paul Abacus / Early Morning Opera / Lars Jan, Jeremy Mendes & Leanne Allison, Marco Brambilla, Molleindustria, Hank Willis Thomas & Chris Johnson, Nonny de la Peña, Gingger Shankar, Mridu Chandra & David Liang, Brent Green, Ho Tzu Nyen (work pictured) and Eva & Franco Mattes--are listed here in detail.