Thompson on Hollywood

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is on a roll.

A year ago he charmed Sundance in (500) Days of Summer, which went on to be a summer hit and earned him a Golden Globe nomination. He displayed his comedy--and dancing--chops on Saturday Night Live. He swung between studio and indie fare, playing a weird villain in G.I. Joe and a man in love in two alternative narratives in indie title Uncertainty. He completed work on Chris Nolan's Inception. And at Sundance, while response to for-sale title Hesher has been mixed, Gordon-Levitt won raves in the title role of a long-haired, tattooed, violent anarchist hedonist who acts like he doesn't care about anything. At this year's fest, the actor is also functioning as a producer. He explains that and why he wanted to star in Hesher in a two-part interview, below:

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