A craft services table, aka most people's favorite place on the set.
A craft services table, aka most people's favorite place on the set.

The multi-service talent and production support agency Talent Partners yesterday released the findings of a survey of 50 senior executives at top agencies, and the results are intriguing, if not in any way unexpected.

Asked what aspect of the commercial production industry would see the greatest growth in 2014,  44 percent of executives pointed to social media campaigns, with 20 percent picking interactive/data-driven campaigns and just six percent looking to television.  Not a single executive picked print campaigns.

Although a majority (56 percent) of respondents thought the rate of foreign production would stay the same this year, 35 percent thought that it would grow--with nearly 60 percent expecting South America to be the next big destination.

Forty-one percent of agency executives saw the advertising industry's increasing focus on data as a positive, and many of the respondents pointed to concerns in the ad communities about tracking rights and royalties and using assets without having the proper permissions.

And in a fun little twist, when asked by Talent Partners about their favorite guilty pleasures when hitting up the craft services table, candy reigned supreme, with bagels and danishes coming up for a draw in second place.  Some things change, and some things never will!