Thompson on Hollywood

Among the first wave of twenty South by Southwest panels---there will be over 80 panels and workshops–taking place in Austin, Texas between March 11-19, 2011 are:

“Beyond 3D: How Interactive Screenings Will Save Cinema,” “The Blogger Centipede: How Content is Eroding Credibility,” “’Did You Kill Anyone?’ Reality in War Movies,” “Documentary Deities: Dispelling The Director Myth,” “Documentary Deities: Dispelling The Director Myth,” “The Female Funny: Is It Different For Girls?,” “You Are Not a Publicist: Criticism vs. Advertising,” “Your Baby Is Ugly: Evaluating Your Film Honestly,” “Indie Success: What is it? Who's Got It?,” “I Thought We Were Friends! Business In Film."


The festival uses SXSW PanelPicker™ to choose its panel program, which takes into account community, staff and Advisory Board input through an open proposal and voting process.