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Gabriel Sunday Talks My Suicide, Starring Late David Carradine, Opens in May Via Distrib Big Air

It's been two years since David Lee Miller's My Suicide played the 2009 fest circuit, from Berlin (where it won The Crystal Bear) and Gen Art (best picture and actor, Gabriel Sunday), to SXSW, San Francisco and Seattle. The movie, which deploys cinema verite techniques to document a teen's quest to do himself in, kept distribution hope alive via an active Facebook page. Miller worked closely with his son Jason and his videographer star Sunday, who plays Archie, the film's "isolated, narcissistic blob,"as he describes it. They constantly raised coin for the film, which Sunday often shot himself, using multiple video cameras. It took three years to edit 15 terrabytes of footage. "It has this crazy ADD feeling to it," says Sunday.
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  • April 7, 2011 8:18 AM
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