Thompson on Hollywood

While the social network that prides itself on instant updates was always guarded about updating its numbers, Twitter now claims 100 million active users--tweeting, following, and reading content on the network. Tech Crunch (whose own AOL future post-Michael Arrington is in some turmoil) reported that Twitter is looking to increase the presence of "promoted tweets."

Thus Business Insider declared: "What this all works out to: Twitter wants to be (and will be) the next big media company."

GigaOM echoed this, writing that Twitter should stop attempting to be a social network and embrace it's media potential:

The fact is that Twitter isn't really competing with Facebook -- it's not really a social network, but a real-time information network. In other words, it's a media entity, and the sooner it starts living up to that reality, the better.

-Google has purchased Zagat, the high-profile review service, which Yahoo considers to be more evidence that Google wants to be a content company. By purchasing the credible and beloved review platform, Google purchased trusted reviews to pair with its user-generated content of local culture.

[Hat Tip: MediaBistro.]