Bechdel Test

3. Customized Positive Ratings For Films. The fact is ratings don’t tell us very much. Violence, sex, drug use, sure. But what about human respect? Racial or gender bias? Certain religions want greater specificity. In the past ratings were always about the negative, the things you wanted to avoid. I anticipate a shift to the positive. I think we can expect Sweden’s embrace of the Bechdel test of gender bias to take off. Is it too much to ask that two female characters with names have something to talk about other than men? This will be a local phenomenon, and used as a marketing device.

4. A Reduction In Creative Compromise. We have been producing a culture of knockoffs. Our commercial industry is forced to play it safe and capital seems so scarce many compromise up the wazoo just to get it made. We have grown corrupt and fool ourselves into thinking that just getting it made is a worthy goal.  We will see this process begin to stop.  Artists -- the true among us -- will not have faith in a system of compromise and will refuse to participate. Once a funder backs that conviction and it succeeds in the marketplace, some others will recognize that is not a triumph of genius, but one of infrastructure and process (albeit one that allows the genius to develop). In some ways it is already happening -- Michel Gondry’s takeaway from his Chomsky doc was celebrating that he “does not compromise at all”.

5. Independent Exhibitors Will Get A Cut Of VOD & Other Ancillary Revenues. If you want to go Day and Date, it still is very hard to get theatrical bookings unless you are willing to four-wall. It makes sense too, since the exhibitors are doing the promotion for the VOD system. It would be hard to cut a deal to a large chain, although I must imagine someone is at work doing this now. I would imagine it would be far easier to start with a group of independents in some key markets and get their buy in first. Still though, this is a slippery slope. We know that movies are just an excuse.

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