Thompson on Hollywood

TOH Telluride correspondent Meredith Brody reports seeing on Saturday night "somebody being taken out on a gurney from the Galaxy" showing of 127 Hours and later that night at a second screening of the Danny Boyle film, "ambulances with multicolored flashing lights pulling into the Palm."

Fox Searchlight's Michelle Hooper reports back as follows:

From what I understand, an older gentleman was light-headed at the first screening (Galaxy) and the medics helped him calm down. Second screening at the Palm was a young woman (maybe 19 or 20) who had a panic attack. Paramedics attended to both people. I didn't even know about the second incident until after the screening was over and someone told me (I was sitting in the first half of the theater).

This recalls the intense reaction people had to the opening night of Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction at the 1994 2004 New York Film Festival, when someone was overcome during the hyperdermic into the heart scene and had to be carried out. Brody is reminded "of the old days when people were vomiting in the lobby during The Exorcist."