"The Kid with a Bike"
IFC Films "The Kid with a Bike"
"The Kid With the Bike" (IFC - Sundance Selects) - Week 7

$127,500 in 85 theaters (-1); PSA: $1,500; Cumulative: $1,127,500

Steady as she goes at a modest level (the PSA was only down slightly at least).

What it means:  These days, any subtitled film that passes $1 million in gross, even with the acclaim "Kid" has gotten, is no small achievement. The awareness will only enhance its VOD interest when it arrives down the line.

"The Raid: Redemption" (Sony Picture Classics/Alliance Atlantic in Canada) - Week 6

$142,357 in 126 theaters (-422); PSA: $1,129; Cumulative: $3,901,565

After an elevated break that at its widest hit almost 900 theaters, this now is quickly running out of steam.

What it means:  Expect this to have a long afterlife on other venues now that its awareness has been greatly enhanced.

"We Have a Pope" (IFC - Sundance Selects) - Week 4; also available on VOD

$64,800 in 27 theaters (+8); PSA: $2,400 ; Cumulative: $248,800

Concurrent to its VOD availability, while still in a limited theatrical release, this is another modest grosser, although a bit more impressive with the reviews being weaker than normal to attract an audience to a subtitled film.

What it means: This will struggle to hit $1 million, but the depth of the release here should enhance the home viewing interest.

"The Deep Blue Sea" (Music Box) - Week 6

$75,261 in 51 theaters (-4); PSA: $1,521; Cumulative: $875,621

Still opening new cities, this Rachel Weisz-starring British drama is performing with mixed results.

What it means:  Despite the acclaim for her performance, this has not been the kind of early-year success that can keep someone in mind later in the year for awards unless Weisz lands some major wins.

"Footnote" (Sony Pictures Classics) - Week 9

$163,551 in 101 theaters (+8); PSA: $1,619; Cumulative: $1,564,717

The carefully paced expansion of this film (now entering its third month in release) continues, although with about a 20% fall in PSA, which indicates diminishing (though not unexpected) results.

What it means:   Still, this will easily pass $2 million, but it no longer looks like it will match the top-grossing Israeli films in US release.

"Marley" (Magnolia) - Week 2; also available on VOD

This grossed just under $400,000 for its full first week in 42 theaters while simultaneously showing on VOD.

"Jiro Dreams of Sushi" (Magnolia) - Week 8

Through last Thursday, this surprise documentary hit already was at $1,665,000.