The King's Speech
'The King's Speech'

On Monday, Decemeber 17, the 2012 Black List will be announced via Twitter. The titles will be named in a random order every minute. Once all the titles have been named, the top 10 will be announced in reverse order. Then the complete list, along with loglines, will be available on the Black List's site. The Black List's founder, Franklin Leonard, states, “Our mission has always been to celebrate exceptional screenwriting and the writers who do it. We think this partnership [with Twitter] has extraordinary potential to do that more effectively than we ever could before.”

The Black List is determined by a survey of Hollywood executives (290 this year) who give the names of up to ten of their favorite unproduced screenplays. Previous titles on The Black List include "The King's Speech" and "Slumdog Millionaire."

Earlier this year The Black List created a site for screenwriters to upload their work for evaluation and exposure to industry professionals. It's already leading to good things for writers like Justin Kremer.