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Nick Nolte Rocks the House at 'The Company You Keep' Q&A, from Redford to Draft Dodging to Malick

by Anne Thompson
April 5, 2013 5:26 PM
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Nick Nolte in 'The Company You Keep'
Nick Nolte in 'The Company You Keep'

"This story meant something to Bob," said Nolte, "he was intimate with it, lived with it, gave it a lot of thought, it was gnawing at him. He's an artist who gets entangled with his work." As a director he's not an authority figure, he said.

Back in the 60s, "I didn't want to go to war," Nolte said. "I couldn't imagine myself killing anybody." He drove a hearse registered in his name off a cliff onto the 9th hole of a golf course, and thousands of fake IDs were discovered with it. He was told, "You're a felon, now you can't go to Viet Nam." 

"This film took be back to that time," he said. "I'm glad I never went to war." Redford asked him to flip the peace sign for the first time in some 20 years: "It was pretty cool." 

As for working with Terrence Malick on one of his untitled movies, Nolte made fun of how the director shoots three-quarters of a scene--which freaks out the actors not wanting to land on the cutting room floor-- and waits to shoot at magic hour every day. "Look at this tree!" "Let's shoot the caterpillar!"


  • DomizianoA | April 13, 2013 5:44 AMReply

    Great article! Great people talking, good piece!
    However i am shocked on how an incredible, unique, poetic (as Al Pacino rightly so said) icon, always so immensely recognized, any time someone is convinced to bring her on the screen, such as Julie Christie, is quickly almost brushed off the film! This is a bit insulting!
    For all of us who grew up with real stars like Julie Christie and Robert Redford, watching this movie has been a touching and memorable experience just because of those unforgettable magic, glowing scenes.
    People like Anna Kendrick or Jessica Chastain, Ben Affleck or Josh Duhamel and such may be "secure" actors but have no mystique, no interesting tracts, or anything that even makes them vaguely introspective.
    Saying that Julie Christie carries baggage since she's (finally, after having turned down Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and later even The Great Gatsby!) in a scene with another unique film personality is pure speculation that has nothing to do with Christie's exceptional persona, acting ability and haunting, unique film presence! What she brings to this film is exceptional, brilliant, and we should just cherish that Redford by casting a legend (and for a reason) like radiant, powerful Christie, is giving a wonderful possibility to us and all younger audiences to still be able to appreciate for once the eternal, mysterious glamor of a real star, and not watching the usual actresses, who look all the same, feel and sound all the same, and, have no history behind them! Thought Christie was by far the most interesting character of the whole film and served her role like anyone else could have! And with all the respect to Helen Mirren or other women who work so much today, when someone sees Christie on the screen is not linked to a "baggage" but just to the memory of a few, selected, but unforgettable, important, defining movies she's made, each one of them almost reminding us of a precise period and feeling! Furthermore Nolte didn't have to convince Redford to cast Ms. Christie that hard, in fact, Redford had tried, by his own words, to cast her in this film but just as an exceptional event, since he had failed to convince her to accept roles in others! This time the "mediation" of common friend, Sarah Polley who directed Christie in 2007, "Away from Her" another memorable success just thanks to Christie's moving, mesmerizing work who seduced even many youngsters!
    Ah, if we still had Julie Christie in films, we would still have real movies as well, and, not just super heroes or formulaic pretentious executions, tailored for stars imposed by bankers and corporations! And please, JC does not live in Spain, she has a flat in London, with her husband, Duncan Campbell, a large farm in Wales, where she often retires in, and some real estate properties in the Santa Barbara's and Montecito's area in California. She is clever, engaged, still attractive, and, humble because she's really has lived a wonderfully privileged yet productive life that should be of example of the vulgar, superficial, and meaningless Hollywood of today!

  • Free | April 5, 2013 6:33 PMReply

    He's joking, but it's funny because it's true. Remember how Malick completely scrapped a scene he had planned with Jessica Chastain and instead just shot a butterfly for The Tree of Life?

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