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The Complete 2012 Black List - 'Draft Day,' 'Seuss' & Hillary Clinton Are on Top

Thompson on Hollywood By Sophia Savage | Thompson on Hollywood December 17, 2012 at 2:53PM

The 2012 Black List of the best un-produced screenplays is now listed below. It comes from the suggestions of nearly 300 industry execs. To make the list, each script must receive six separate mentions...
'The Social Network'
'The Social Network'

Brad Ingelsby

An aging hitman goes up against his boss over a single night in order to protect his family.
Agency: WME
Agent: Mike Esola
Management: Energy Entertainment
Manager: Brooklyn Weaver
Financier: Warner Brothers
Production: Vertigo Entertainment

 Justin Kremer

It is 1951. Junior Senator Joe McCarthy feels lost. He’s anonymous, just another suit on Capitol Hill. He craves attention and celebrity. He’s desperate to be noticed, to be adored. Inspired by the response of the American public to the House of Un-American Activities Committee, McCarthy decides that communism will be his defining issue. What follows is nearly unthinkable — national fame, a shocking conspiracy, a sitting President afraid to oppose him, and a torrid journey of self destruction and paranoia.
Agency; CAA
Agents; Jon Cassir, Matt Rosen, Alexandra Trustman
Management: Madhouse Entertainment
Managers: Chris Cook, Adam Kolbrenner

Ben Carney

A disgraced cop pursues the serial killer who murdered his partner ten years ago, has resurfaced, and is killing again.
Agency: WME
Agents: Daniel Cohan, Chris Donnelly, Roger Green
Management: Anonymous Content
Manager: Chad Hamilton
Production: Anonymous Content


Harry Kellerman

An elementary school student searches for the truth behind the candy bar ring conspiracy that got his brother expelled.
Agency: CAA
Agents: John Garvey, Stuart Manashil

 T.S. Nowlin

An astronaut travels back in time to enlist the help of his younger self.
Agency: WME
Agents: Daniel Cohan, Mike Esola
Management: Caliber Media Company
Manager: Adam Marshall
Financiers: Paramount, Skydance Productions
Production: Disruption Entertainment

 Dan Cohn, Jeremy Miller

Set against the backdrop of rainy Portland, Oregon, a young man finds himself falling in love for the first time – only to receive a letter from his future self, warning him of impending heartbreak.
Agency: WME
Agent: Danny Greenberg
Management: Brillstein Entertainment Partners
Manager: Margaret Riley
Production: Flynn Picture Co., JC 23 Entertainment

Ashleigh Powell

A female prison guard in the future, where prisoners are rehabilitated with virtual reality, discovers a conspiracy that puts her loyalty into question.
Agency: Gersh
Agents: Bob Hohman, Devra Lieb, Bayard Maybank
Management: Benderspink
Manager: Daniel Vang
Financier: Warner Brothers
Production: Phantom Four

 Blake McCormick

Following a costume party where they dressed as cops, two best friends are mistaken for actual police officers and find themselves on the run, after being forced to bring a dangerous criminal back to the station.
Agency: UTA
Agent: Jason Burns
Management: Kaplan/Perrone
Managers: Aaron Kaplan, Sean Perrone
Financier: Universal
Production: Hurwitz & Schlossberg Productions

 Marissa Jo Cerar

A preacher’s wife, grieving from the loss of her teenage son and struggling to hold her family together, forms an unlikely friendship with a young street hustler who helps her understand her lost son and survive alcoholic depression.
Agency: ICM
Agent: Laura Haas
Management: Heroes and Villains Entertainment
Managers: Markus Goerg, Mikhail Nayfeld
Production: State Street Pictures

Max Taxe

After finding out he has a month left to live, high school junior Felix Chester focuses all of his time and energy on one goal: losing his virginity to his dream girl.
Management: Madhouse Entertainment
Managers: Ryan Cunningham, Robyn Meisinger

 Shane Atkinson

Desperate to hang on to his pregnant girlfriend, bumbling Dennis gets caught up in a kidnapping scheme gone awry, leaving him saddled with a sociopathic little girl who seemingly calls the shots.
Agency: Gersh
Agents: Bob Hohman, Devra Lieb, Bayard Maybank
Management: Circle of Confusion
Managers: Zach Cox, Lawrence Mattis
Production: MM Productions

Jonathan Stokes

A veteran goes to war against a crew of corrupt cops intent on controlling the US/Mexico border.
Agency: UTA
Agents: Ramses Ishak, Geoff Morley, Michael Sheresky
Management: Energy Entertainment
Manager: Brooklyn Weaver

Evan Mirzai, Shea Mirzai

Buttoned-down 20-something Eric isn’t ready to marry his longtime girlfriend Abby. His only way out is through slacker Sam, his identical twin brother, who offers to pose as Eric to do the dumping. But the plan becomes a disaster when Sam realizes Abby is actually really cool–and falls head over heels for her…
Production: The Walt Becker Company

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