Denzel Washington and David Letterman
Denzel Washington and David Letterman

There's something to be said for making a silk purse out of a sow's ear. David Letterman, Paul Schaffer and a "skeleton crew" put on a low-tech show with hand-held cards but no teleprompter and no studio audience the afternoon Hurricane Sandy hit Manhattan, and it was terrific. Denzel Washington blew onto the stage in a wet yellow slicker, seemingly out of breath, and gamely went through his "Flight" promo paces.

"This storm could mean the biggest power outage since the Yankees," quipped Letterman. "I haven't seen people soaked this bad since the Facebook IPO...The storm has stopped the presidential campaign so at least some good has come of it...Donald Trump has boarded up his hair."

David Letterman
David Letterman

Here's the full show, which ironically will wind up among Letterman's most-watched classics.

Here's the Top Ten, bottom to top, names rejected for the Frankenstorm.

  • Al Frankenstorm
  • Rokergeddon
  • Count Dampula
  • La Chupacabracane
  • Trumpical Storm
  • Power Outage Palooza
  • Wetzilla
  • The New Hurricane Loco from Taco Bell
  • iPaddle
  • Oprah Windy