'The Gatekeepers' Director Dror Moreh
'The Gatekeepers' Director Dror Moreh

Cinemascope has published Dror Moreh's Oscar acceptance speech (which he didn't get to recite on stage because "Searching for Sugar Man" won over his doc "The Gatekeepers"). In the speech Moreh dedicates the Oscar to the memory of Israeli prime minister Itzhak Rabin, who was assassinated in 1995 by a right-wing Jew "because he dared to dream about peace." That message was continued by "The Gatekeepers." The doc features interviews with six former heads of Israel's Shin Bet (their Secret Service).

In the speech Moreh writes: "We pray that it would echo in the corridors of power in Washington, Berlin, Paris, London and especially in Jerusalem and Ramallah."

Israel has not been supportive of the film, nor of Palestinian film "5 Broken Cameras," which was also nominated for the Best Foreign Language Oscar. Both were Israeli co-productions. Israel's culture minister Limor Livnat--who did not see either film--expressed that she was happy that both lost the award, and urged the nation's filmmakers not to criticize Israel in their work; to practice "self-censorship."

The acceptance speech--crumpled on paper--is above.

Our interview with Moreh is here.

Dror Moreh's Oscar Acceptance Speech
Dror Moreh's Oscar Acceptance Speech, courtesy of Cinemascope