Thompson on Hollywood

While Amazon is announcing that The Help, the 2009 novel by Kathryn Stockett, is the first e-book to sell over one million copies, Random House is reporting that The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo sold a million e-copies---back in the month of April. Quite a few authors, including Stieg Larsson, Nora Roberts, and James Patterson, have already sold over a million books, but Amazon reports that The Help is the first single title to rack up a million sales.

The crowd-pleasing film adaptation The Help is in its first week in theaters, which boosted sales of the material, whether in print or e-book form.

Larsson, whose The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo is currently being turned into a Hollywood film with David Fincher at the helm, was the first author to sell over a million copies. When that movie comes out, Random House will sell a few more books too.