As we've said before, James Franco is everywhere. Well, now he's on Twitter and Facebook, too.

"This is the authentic Facebook and Twitter and every other page that I'm associated with," declares Oscar cohost and nominee @jamesfranco (127 Hours) here and in the video below. "All those other ones are imposters. I've decided to go on the web and this is the real thing. So welcome. Don't listen to those other pages." The guy is racking up followers by the minute. With one tweet so far (and he's following nine people), within two hours he had me beat me on followers with more than 10,000. Like he has time to keep up the tweets.

(Word from inside the Oscar show is that he's a pleasure to work with--and reads whenever he gets the chance.) See the latest Oscar promo video below, as well as Judd Apatow's advice to Franco on how to host the Oscar on Funny or Die. He suggests a cunnilingus movie joke theme.

Here's coverage of his Q & A in Santa Barbara and in Palm Springs last year, where he showed three shorts, his talk with the press at the Academy nominees lunch, and his Hollywood issue cover of Vanity Fair.