Solving 29 Movie Mysteries

by Sophia Savage
August 14, 2012 4:06 PM
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The movie nerds over at Time have attempted to solve and/or explain 29 Movie Head-Scratchers, from "Casablanca" and "The Exorcist" to "The Hangover" and "The Wrestler." They may not deliver solid answers, but they ask provocative questions and lay out relevant evidence. Here are eight head-scratchers. Share your theories in the comments!

Does the top that Dom Cobb spins at end of the movie eventually fall over? ("Inception")

What’s inside the briefcase? ("Pulp Fiction")

Why couldn’t Jack and Rose share space—or even take turns—on their makeshift raft? ("Titanic")

What’s inside the FedEx package that Chuck Noland never opens during all those years stranded on that island? ("Cast Away")

Does Randy “The Ram” Robinson die after he leaps off the top rope in the movie’s final scene? ("The Wrestler")

When Dorothy begins her journey to the Emerald City we see a Red Brick Road intertwined with the Yellow Brick Road. So what’s the deal with this Red Brick Road? ("The Wizard of Oz")

Why does the demon that possesses Regan react to the “fake” holy water sprinkled by Father Karras? ("The Exorcist")

Do Rick and Ilsa—following the emotional confrontation over those letters of transit—end up sleeping together? ("Casablanca")

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