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Three Jeff Buckley Films? Only One has Reeve Carney & Exclusive Rights to Music & Archives

by Sophia Savage
August 16, 2011 5:43 AM
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Reeve Carney (actor-singer-songwriter and star of Broadway’s Spiderman: Turn off the Dark; pictured) will play Jeff Buckley in an untitled film. The film, based on Ryan Joffe's story The Rocker, will be directed by Jake Scott (Welcome to the Rileys), and has the exclusive rights to Buckley's music and personal archives, thanks to support from the late musician's mother, Mary Guibert (also serving as exec producer.) Carney will play Buckley as the film navigates through his thirty years, leading up to his accidental drowning in Tennesse's Wolf River. The film will shoot in New York and Memphis starting this November. Carney also has a self-titled band (Carney) which has opened for U2. Scott says Carney has; "the perfect combination of musical prodigy, impish charm, innate intelligence & sensitivity to play Jeff.” More information on this project is below. Here is a selection of Buckley's music.

The other Buckley film in the works, Greetings from Jeff Buckley, is set to star Penn Badgley (Gossip Girl). It is writer-director Daniel Algrant's (with co-writers Emma Sheanshang and David Brendel) take on the days leading up to Buckley's 1991 tribute performance for his father, Tim Buckley. Buckley met his father once as a boy, before he died of a drug overdose in 1975. Imogen Poots will co-star as a woman he meets during the concert. John Hart, Patrick Milling Smith and Frederick Zollo are producing. Oh, and then there's A Pure Drop in the works, which would be the third Buckley biopic.

More on the untitled Buckley film, which is being produced by Michelle Sy and Orian Williams with associate producer Alison Raykovich (of Jeff Buckley Music):

The as-yet untitled script is based on screenwriter Jaffe’s in-depth examination and research into Buckley’s life, which includes scores of interviews, unlimited access to the Jeff Buckley Estate archives, and Jeff’s personal journals, drawings, and letters. Producers also optioned the book “Dream Brother: The Lives and Music of Jeff and Tim Buckley” by David Browne, for research purposes.

Buckley’s only studio release during his lifetime was the widely acclaimed album Grace, which includes his legendary interpretation of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” and is acknowledged by critics as a modern classic. His momentous posthumous album, Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk, garnered a Grammy nomination for Best Male Rock Vocal for the song “Everybody Here Wants You.” Captivated by the world of music, Buckley lived and breathed it until the last moments of his life. He had said, “I was captured by music at a really early age...It was my mother, it was my father, it was my plaything, my toy. The best thing in my life."

[Image courtesy of Ap/Marvel]


  • Sadie | August 17, 2011 8:34 AMReply

    The Buckley battle rages on. I'm still thinking that Greetings from Jeff Buckley is way ahead. It's got a title, a talented and interesting lead and, most importantly, a production schedule. Can't wait to see it!

  • Luce | August 17, 2011 8:31 AMReply

    @ Reid Rosefelt

    I just found some of the songs Jeff sang at his father's tribute concert. Amazing, so beautiful, you could not have been more right! I would love to see Algrants film now.

    Jeff Buckley singing 'I Never Asked to be Your Mountain'

  • Sam Glabin | August 17, 2011 8:26 AMReply

    Too little too late on this redundancy. Also, this is kinda catty but why are there pictures of him wearing eyeliner when I google image search him? So 2001.

  • Greg | August 16, 2011 11:26 AMReply


    Check it and see for yourself

  • Reid Rosefelt | August 16, 2011 10:07 AMReply

    As a big Tim Buckley fan, I was at that concert, which was at the old St. Ann's on Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights. I was pretty stunned when Jeff came out... I could be wrong, but as I remember it, he wasn't on the program, they just brought him out at the very end and introduced him... it was a total surprise to everybody and people were very moved.

    I'm glad that Algrant's movie will deal with Tim Buckley in some way. Even though Jeff didn't know his father, he had to have been influenced by his music.

  • Amanda | August 16, 2011 8:46 AMReply

    if they were going to cast a female lead for a male role they should have cast someone in the likes of Cate Blanchett, not some wannabe teen-heart-throb who will butcher Jeff's music (oh wait, they have the rights to all the songs so will probably cop-out and toss as many in there as possible)

  • Lizzy | August 16, 2011 7:03 AMReply

    I must admit, I don't know too much about Reeve Carney but after searching him on the internet, I'm a little disappointed. His innate personality doesn't resemble Jeff Buckley whatsoever. And although I'm sure Mary Guibert has the right intentions with making a biopic of her son, I can only imagine a skewed and narrowly angled look of her late son's life. Sometimes it's best to watch an unbiased perspective, especially of such a beautiful musician's life.

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