1. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen - CBS/Special Presentation/9.0

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

2. Friends With Kids - Roadside Attractions-Lionsgate (partners)/Special Presentation/7.3

3. Jeff, Who Lives at Home - Paramount/Special Presentation/4.3

4. Goon - Magnolia/Special Presentation/4.2

5. The Raid: Redemption - Sony Pictures Classics/Midnight Madness/4.1

6. Shame - Fox Searchlight/Special Presentation/3.9  *****

7. Monsieur Lazhar - Music Box/Special Presentation/2.0 (U.S. gross only)

8. The Deep Blue Sea - Music Box/Special Presentation/1.1

9. Where Do We Go Now? - Sony Pictures Classics/Special Presentation/0.5

10. The Hunter - Magnolia/Special Presentation/0.2

*****Sony Pictures Worldwide had acquired this earlier in 2011, but Sony Pictures Classics was announced as the US distributor after its Toronto showing

17 of the 20 top grossing films showed as either Galas or Special Presentations, with the other three from Contemporary World Cinema, Masters and Midnight Madness. Nine of the top 10 acquisitions were also Special Presentations, the other from Midnight Madness. This was an unusually top heavy showing for limited categories. In past years it has been common for films from other categories - Reel to Real (the documentary section, now called TFF Docs), Discoveries, Visions (now collapsed into other categories), as well as more numerous films from those which had little or no commercial after life among the 2011 films.