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TIFF#: The Boys Are Back's Owen Goes Family

by Anne Thompson
September 16, 2009 2:23 AM
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Thompson on Hollywood

Everyone goes into Toronto with a schedule of films to watch. And that list changes with buzz. Some movies fall off due to bad WOM, while others become must-sees. IndieWIRE's in-progress critics' poll of 34 films is indicative of the movies that everyone went to see-- and the ones that nobody did.

I checked out Scott Hicks' The Boys Are Back Tuesday night because it's Miramax's big fall release starring Clive Owen. Miramax has the North American piece of the BBC/Screen Australia co-production, which is impeccably made. Adapted by Brit Allan Cubitt (Prime Suspect 2) from sports writer Simon Carr's memoir about raising two boys Down Under after the death of his wife, the movie rings true. My little brother and I were also raised by a writer single father who didn't care about housekeeping and liked to drink. And as a parent, I could relate too.

Thompson on Hollywood

But Miramax has its work cut out. So far, Owen has not proved a marquee draw at the box office, nor is he an Oscar perennial (he was nominated once, for supporting actor for Closer). He's charming here as a free-wheeling clueless ex-workaholic who loves his kids and tries to become a responsible parent. But while the movie played for the Toronto crowd, the endearing PG-13 family film defines the word "soft." Even if it earns rave reviews, the marketing trick for Miramax will be convincing adult audiences to sample the movie (which opens September 25): no mean feat these days.

[Photo: Newcomer Nicholas McAnulty at Miramax's The Boys Are Back dinner at Toronto's Bymark restaurant.]

[The trailer is on the jump]

Here's the trailer:


  • Ohhhhh Cliiiiiiiiiiiive | September 17, 2009 9:33 AMReply

    I'd pay to watch Clive Owen read the Des Moines phone book.

    Have no idea why everyone else hasn't caught on. ;P

  • Ryan Sartor | September 17, 2009 2:59 AMReply

    I'm really excited for this as well. That's great it'll be a wide release. I'm glad material like this is being released by Mirmax and not Disney.

  • jl | September 16, 2009 5:08 AMReply

    Owen is one of the under-appreciated actors today. Really enjoyed him in The International. I hope this does well.

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