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Tina Fey Talks Her Post-'30 Rock' Career, 'Admission,' and Oscar Hosting

Photo of Anne Thompson By Anne Thompson | Thompson on Hollywood March 13, 2013 at 4:28PM

A few weeks ago I went to see Tina Fey's latest movie "Admission" (March 22) on the same night that I watched the last episode of her seven-year NBC sitcom "30 Rock." Fey is a fascinating example of a pioneering woman who has become hugely successful while playing inside the box of what men can handle without being threatened.

AT: Did you get involved in the writing of it?


TF: No writing. It was written by Karen Croner, she worked with Paul Weitz.  Paul Rudd and I rehearsed. Because I'm a writer I am less inclined to try and change things in someone's script than other actors, I know what a giant pain in butt that can be.

AT: Do you aspire to be a director?

TF: I really respect people who are born directors who think in pictures. I know at core I am a writer. The ideal situation is to be a writer- producer and not have to hassle as a director, not have to play the shots. Paul Weitz is legitimately well-read and smart enough to be operating in that world. When you are going to proceed and do a script that is not yours it's a big relief to know that everyone involved is smarter than you.

AT: How was it playing opposite Paul Rudd?

TF: He's just a delight, I'm comfortable with him.

AT: Whose idea was casting the incomparable Lily Tomlin as your hippie mother?

TF: I may have suggested her, I was thrilled at the idea of it. She's just great, someone I've admired. She was as much of a thrilling scene partner as I thought she would be, a committed, lively team partner. Sometimes when you shoot on film they save all their energy for when the camera is on them. She doesn't do that.

AT: What are you working on now?

TF: I'm developing a couple of movies and pilots with friends and then hopefully we'll eventually pitch some TV with NBC again.

AT: Will you write your own screenplays?

TF: I want to. I'd do that again, I've only written the one screenplay, it's very hard, but satisfying. I saw "Mean Girls" on TBS and I thought I should do another one.

AT: And another book?

TF: I put all that I knew in 40 years into 270 pages. I don't have enough life experience.

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