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Best of the Week: 'Mad Men' Premiere, Glazer on 'Under the Skin,' Altman's Top 15 and More

Thompson on Hollywood By TOH! | Thompson on Hollywood April 4, 2014 at 5:14PM

The top stories of the week from TOH!
'Mad Men'
'Mad Men'

The top stories of the week from TOH!

Box Office:

Arthouse Audit: "Cesar Chavez," "The Raid 2," "Finding Vivian Maier" & "Mistaken for Strangers" Find Initial Success

"Frozen" and "Lego Movie" Pass Box Office Milestones


Career Watch: Will "Noah" Prove a Blessing for Russell Crowe?

TOH! Picks Robert Altman's Top 15 Films

Why Ten Years Later, Jonathan Glazer's "Birth" Is Still a Masterpiece


Seven Films to See at the San Francisco International Film Fest; Noah Cowan Hosts First SFIFF Press Conference


Cinematographer Manuel Claro Talks the Bearable Lightness of "Nymphomaniac"

Composer Mica Levi on Why Going "Under the Skin" Was "Really Mental"

How Does Hans Zimmer Do It? Hack or Genius? "I am still an architect"

Jonathan Glazer Explains Why "Under the Skin" Took a Decade to Make: "I'm stubborn"

The Russo Brothers Talk "The Winter Soldier" as Conspiracy Thriller


What Are Grace Kelly's Best Films? We Give the Top Three to Hitchcock


As "Nymphomaniac" Provokes, von Trier and Leth's Masterful "Five Obstructions" Gets DVD Rerelease

Chris Eska's Meditative, Slow-Burn Civil War Drama "The Retrieval"

Mystery Doc "The Galapagos Affair" a Riveting Reconstruction of Paradise Gone to Hell

Smart Horror Flick "13 Sins" Tests Our Moral Mettle

This Weekend, Watch Johansson and Gainsbourg Suck Men's Souls in "Under the Skin" and "Nymphomaniac: Volume II"


Can "Cosmos" Save Science Television?

"Mad Men" Season 6 Now on Netflix: Everything You Need to Read and Watch Before Season 7

Seven Shows You May Not Know Are Streaming Exclusively on Amazon

Things I Learned at the "Mad Men" Season Seven Premiere, Review Roundup: "The beginning of the end"

"Veep" Season 3 Review: Selena Meyer Is Back and More Politically Incorrect Than Ever

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