"The Heart Machine."
"The Heart Machine."

TOH! heads to SXSW on March 7. What films from the sprawling fest am I most anticipating? Find out, below.

Above All Else

10. “Above All Else." Director John Fiege’s doc playing in the Spotlight section follows one David Daniel, a man whose home lies in the crossfire of the Keystone XL oil pipeline tar sands. He rallies neighbors and environmentlists alike to help him build a tree-top blockade to stop the pipeline’s progress. (Trailer below.)

9. “Take Care." Leslie Bibb stars as a woman who returns home from the hospital after being hit by a car. Problem is, not even her sister, neighbor or supposed best friend want to take care of her. So she turns to the last resort: Her ex-boyfriend (played by Thomas Sadoski of “The Newsroom”). This Narrative Spotlight comedy is helmed by Liz Tuccillo.

8. “The Mend." Josh Lucas headlines this in-competition title, starring as a grumpy New Yorker, Mat, who takes over his younger brother Alan’s house while Alan’s away on a long-planned vacation with his girlfriend. But when Alan returns home early -- and none-too-happily discovers the state of his house -- a mystery emerges as to why his girlfriend has suddenly disappeared. Directed by Sundance Lab alum John Magary.

7. “That Guy Dick Miller." You know those character actors you’ve seen in everything but can never quite place their names? 85-year-old Dick Miller has been in everything from Roger Corman’s “Little Shop of Horrors” to James Cameron’s “The Terminator,” sharing the screen with Jack Nicholson and Robert De Niro, and getting to work with the likes of Scorsese, Coppola and Spielberg. This Spotlight doc tells his story -- with quite a few of those famous names and faces making appearances as well. (Trailer below.)

Before I Disappear

6. “Before I Disappear." Expanded from the 2013 Oscar-winning Live-Action short “Curfew,” this in-competition title centers on a young man called upon to take care of his estranged sister’s eleven-year-old daughter for a few hours. Directed by and starring Shawn Christensen, as well as Fatima Ptacek, Emmy Rossum, Paul Wesley, Ron Perlman and Richard Schiff.